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La Mallorquina Restaurant
San Juan, Puerto Rico

La Mallorquina Restaurant is located in Old San Juan. It was founded in 1848, making it the oldest restaurant, currently in Puerto Rico. It is decorated with 19th century furniture. Among its most impressive pieces are its ancient mirrors hanging from the walls. In addition it has several paintings of vivid colors that represent the culture of the time, see the photos. Its kitchen is open, which allows the public to appreciate its cleaning and see the chefs doing their work. Our visit was in the morning, so the dishes we tried were breakfast. They have variety for all ages and all their dishes were high quality. The costs of the dishes are much cheaper when compared to restaurants in the area. In short, the quality of the dishes, the atmosphere that goes back to the 19th century, the cleanliness and decoration of the place, makes it perfect to visit when you are in Old San Juan.

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