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IL Nuovo Mercato Restaurant
San Juan, Puerto Rico

IL Nuovo Mercato is an Italian restaurant located in the Mall of San Juan. Precisely, it is located on the third floor patio. Its concept is innovative in P.R. It consists of 5 individual stations: fish, pizzas, pastas, salads and meats. How does it work? Arriving at the restaurant, choose an appropriate table and each person visits their prefer station, where they order and pays the food. When the food is ready, the chef calls by name. Then, a waitress will take the drink order; this order is paid at the end of the meal. In all the stations you'll find high quality food. The atmosphere is friendly and very nice.

Then, you can visit IL Nuovo Mercato of gelatos, coffees and desserts. It's a separate restaurant next to their main one. Their gelatos are exquisite, the coffees spectacular and desserts tasty. They also have an outdoor bar.

Their prices are similar to American chain restaurants. It is open Monday to Sunday from 11 am onwards.

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Categories this place belongs: Seafood , Italian , International , Meats

How to arrive, click here or view on Google Maps 18,4131,-66,02527

Dir: Mall Of San Juan

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