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Charco El Ataud
Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

El Charco El Ataúd is located on the Garzas Street in Adjuntas. It is one of the largest rivers for bathers in Puerto Rico. It has three levels; the first level is easily accessible and shallow. To get to the second level you must go downhill on the rocks, its descent is not difficult, but you must be in good physical condition. The lowest level is the largest area for bathers, and you must go even further down the rocks. It is a river with beautiful views in its surroundings and to get to it you must park on the side of the road and walk for about 5 minutes. Usually there are parked cars, which helps to find the entrance to the river.

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1. juan c hernandez
agosto 21, 2021
bello mayoria de los rios son hermosos..lo malo de estos sitios es que si se hacen muy popular demasiadas personas van y dejan un basurero. © 2021 we are an independent tourism guide of Puerto Rico. terms and conditions