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Ferry Port
Vieques, Puerto Rico

If you arrive at Vieques by ferry, you will be received by the view of a gorgeous beach. Although many people arrive daily through the ferry, only a few select this beach to spend the whole day. That makes this beach a calm one almost all the time. It is frequented by those who are looking for just a small splash while waiting for the ferry’s departure. It is decorated with colorful local fishermen boats that make a perfect combination with the variety of blue tones of the sea and sky. This view makes this beach a gift for all its visitors. There are restaurants and hotel accommodations nearby. For information about the ferry schedule and fees visit tariffs and itineraries of the ferry.

Near places: Fortín Conde de Mirasol , Punta Mulas lighthouse

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How to arrive, click here or view on Google Maps 18,152676,-65,44299

Dir: Vieques, PR

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